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PancakeSwap now has a Position Manager feature

Decentralized exchange PancakeSwap has introduced the Position Manager feature. It allows you to place assets into a vault and then automatically send them to liquidity pools.

The project team said that the new feature was made available through collaboration with the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Bril Finance.

According to statement blog, Position Manager makes capital use more efficient. It automates the process of providing liquidity and saves resources. According to the developers, the system will allow users to earn higher profits compared to other ways of earning money.

At the time of writing, Position Manager supports four assets: stablecoin USDT, Bitcoin on the BEP-20 network, BNB and Ethereum. During the first four weeks after the feature launches, users will receive additional rewards in CAKE tokens.

“Bril’s automated technology and its integration with PancakeSwap offer our customers a range of features and extensive earning opportunities. We aim to become a hub for all DeFi projects,” said PancakeSwap CEO under the pseudonym Moti.

Previously, the decentralized exchange team added support for networks such as zkSync Era, Arbitrum One and Linea.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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