Paola Turci, Francesca Pascale and the homophobic insults on the eve of the wedding

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There happiness what she feels is “the one that doesn’t let you sleep,” too bad there is always someone who enjoys dirtying it. On the eve of the civil union with Francesca Pascaleon 2 July in Montalcino, Paola Turci from his Instagram profile he denounces the homophobic insults received after the news of the their marriage has become public knowledge.

He does so with a story in which he publishes it screenshot of a message received from the profile of a Piedmontese guest house: «Lesbian icon that sucks !!», probably one of the many homophobic insults that rained down on them. “Ignorance, homophobia, wickedness and unhappiness in one sentence” is the comment on the photo of the singer, who does not add anything else, he merely bears witness to itwithout obscuring the name of the sender (who in turn received indignant replies from many users).

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After all, nothing else is needed to answer who still obtusely is expressed in these terms in front of two people in love they just want, and with all rightalso formalize before the law their union. They will do it on a symbolic day – that of the Milan Pride – to give a signal and send a universal message, but in a place that has a special meaning only for them, in Tuscany, in a way strictly private.

After the ceremony in the town hall, the newly weds will celebrate with their families and closest friends at the Castello di Velona, ​​a resort about fifteen kilometers from the historic center of the Tuscan town.

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For Turci, 57, this is the second marriage: the singer had been married from 2010 to 2012 with the journalist Andrea Amato, while for Pascale, 36, it will be the first “yes”, since the story with Silvio Berlusconi , which lasted 15 years, has always remained just an engagement.

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