Parliament: The pandemic, the mandatory vaccination and the elections of the Movement for Change at the center of G. Oikonomou

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Government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou referred to the issues of the pandemic situation, the rendering of the mandatory vaccinations, but also the internal party elections in the Movement for Change, speaking with the parliamentary editors on the sidelines of the pre-agenda debate in Parliament.

There is pressure on the NSS, but it endures, said Mr. Economou, noting that there is no answer as to what will happen if Armageddon takes place, and how Armageddon is defined. We do not leave our strategy, nor do we estimate that we will reach such extreme dilemmas, so we go this way, said Mr. Economou and added: There is an image that is unpleasant. There is a lot of pressure on the NSS, which is pressed but endures. “There is a sense that the consequences of this story are not increasing exponentially,” Oikonomou said.

On the issue of the necessity of vaccinations, he wondered “what did the history of the measure give” to the health workers. Despite the fact that there, no one doubted that they should be done, we imposed measures, their salary was cut … The reality is that the obligation there did not give you major things. “There are people who insist, they are without a salary for 2-2.5 months, and yet they are not going to be vaccinated,” the government spokesman said.

On the issue of the internal elections of the Movement for Change, he clarified that we are watching it without any involvement. Undoubtedly, the elections have brought the Movement for Change closer to the attention of the people, than it was before, said Mr. Economou and added: We are watching it, because I want to clarify this, because different things are said and written, and as we approach the elections so they will usually be heard, without any involvement either directly or indirectly. That is, clear conversations. With respect to follow such procedures. The importance he must give them and with the respect he must follow processes that are addressed to society, to the world. It is important that the parties are open to society, to the processes of promoting its top institutions. Apart from ND and KINAL, no other parties do that.


Source From: Capital

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