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Partners K. Karamanlis: No edge in the Government – He said the obvious

In its wake yesterday’s intervention by Kostas Karamanlis from Anogeia, where the former prime minister and former president of the National Democratic Party, as a keynote speaker at a memorial event for I. Kefalogiannis, was stationed on the issue of wiretapping, his associates, invite everyone to carefully read the reports of Mr. Karamanlis in order to see that there is no tip towards the Government.

In addition, the same circles emphasize that “what interests Kostas Karamanlis is that no poisonous shadow be left over Public life” hence “he said the obvious”.

References to monitoring

It is recalled that Mr. Karamanlis said about the surveillance in his speech yesterday:

*Clarity and transparency are, after all, fundamental requirements for lawful and smooth public life. Even more so when issues arise such as that of the phone monitoring of a political leader, journalist or any citizen. In such situations, purification only occurs when they are fully clarified. The issue is so heavy and serious that it is not allowed and cannot be tolerated that there should be shadows left behind for the democratic normality. Light then! Bright light!

*That these events were caused by government initiative is not only undemocratic and illegal, it is so beyond all limits of morbid imagination and political stupidity that it is unthinkable. However, there remains an urgent need to clarify who and with what justification requested such a thing and who and how approved it. The invocation of privacy in such cases is subordinated to the need to purify public life. So everything is in the light and from then on, the corrections of the institutional regime that governs the lifting of telephone secrecy and the general operation of the secret services are necessary and with cross-party cooperation. These rudimentary to prevent the further discredit of the institutions.

The comment of government sources

After the former prime minister’s speech and following it, government sources reiterated the intention of the government to provide full answers regarding the case of monitoring the phone of the head of PASOK-Movement for Change Nikos Androulakis, government sources repeat, following the intervention on the matter made by former Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis.

“From the first moment that the case of Mr. Androulaki’s phone being connected came to light at the initiative of the government, it was emphasized that there is a need to provide full answers, respecting the provisions of the law on privacy and the regulations of the Parliament”, they said. .

They added that “this is why all parliamentary procedures were initiated immediately, while the case is also being investigated by the judiciary. Tomorrow the Committee on Institutions and Transparency meets, followed by the meetings of the Commission of Inquiry”, while concluding they point out that “the Prime Minister has requested proposals from the parties in order for there to be institutional improvements that will ensure the effective operation of the security services with full respect for democratic principles”.

Source: Capital

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