PASOK-KINAL: No Report on Sanctions Absent from Summit Conclusions on Turkey

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PASOK-KINAL emphasizes the lack of any reference to sanctions in the Conclusions of the Summit for Turkey with a comment of the party’s Press Office, although, as it notes, the threats and challenges of the last weeks are continuous.

According to PASOK “While expressing the” concern “of the leaders, it does not include specific measures of solidarity and deterrence, such as the arms embargo, which was voted by the European Parliament in September 2020 on the initiative of the President of PASOK – Movement for Change Nikos Androulaki “.

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In addition, it is noted that the Summit, after reiterating the calls for respect for International Law and the Territorial Integrity of the Member States, recalls the Declaration of 25 March 2021, which specialized in the “Positive Agenda” strategy in Euro-Turkish relations.

PASOK emphasizes that “the Government, instead of celebrating the inclusion in the Conclusions of the self-evident formulations, should work to make it clear to our European partners that President Erdogan’s authoritarian and revisionist policy can not be countered but by appeasement. with effective deterrent measures “.

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Source: Capital

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