PASOK-KINAL: The Solz move for the VAT on natural gas shows that we were right, while the government was letting us down

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While the German government is proceeding with the drastic reduction of the VAT on natural gas from 19% to 7%, the ND government still refuses any reduction in fuel taxation, which in Greece is one of the highest in Europe, emphasizes in a statement the PASOK – Movement for Change.

“The government staff, instead of utilizing for the benefit of the citizen the tax surplus of 5.1 billion in the 7th month of January – July 2022, which largely comes from the overperformance of indirect taxes due to high inflation, reproduces cheap claims, such as that the “fuel tax cut is neither realistic nor fair as a solution” as “the poor don’t have cars”.

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From the first moment, PASOK – Movement for Change had insisted on the temporary reduction of the Excise Tax and the VAT on fuel, as well as the reduction of the VAT on basic consumer goods. At that time the ND was slandering us, today Chancellor Soltz’s decision shows that we were right”, concludes Harilaou Trikoupi.

Source: Capital

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