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PASOK responds to A. Loverdos: Apparently the wiretapping is a reason for the country to reach elections

PASOK responds to A. Loverdos: Apparently the wiretapping is a reason for the country to reach elections

The morbid, as described by PASOK press representative Dimitris Manzos, surveillance case of Nikos Androulakis “is not individual or partisan, but concerns the Republic and the citizens”, pointing out, at the same time, that “we insist on the need to clarify whether the predator and EYP cases are, through this diabolical coincidence, connected”.

“If there is something that a citizen expects in Greece in 2022, it is to at least be able to speak freely and safely and with natural speech both on his phone and in his electronic communications”, he underlined (Real).

Deep institutional issue – reason for elections

Asked whether PASOK-Movement for Change is requesting an appeal to the polls, Mr. Manzos clarified that “we have been calling for elections for three months in the public debate. However, neither the Government nor SYRIZA can “tool” the issue for a small party exploitation. It’s one thing to obsessively ask for elections without being able to provoke them – it was proven with the motion of censure – and another thing to prove every day with your political work the inadequacy of the government and its danger to the institutions. Obviously a deeply institutional issue like this is a reason for the country to go to elections. After all, in 2019, one of the requests that led the previous Government to exit – as it is being led too – was the management of institutional issues”.

Indirectly, the press representative of PASOK-KINAL also responds to A. Loverdos, who in his interview yesterday (Status 107.7), said about whether the wiretapping is a reason to lead the country to the polls: “Obviously, no. The country goes to elections for other reasons. But it is a serious issue of democracy).

Regarding how the surveillance issue can be resolved, Dimitris Manzos argued that “one axis is certainly the Justice, which carries out targeted checks, focused on every act and request. In the case of N. Androulakis, however, precisely because he is the leader of a party and MEP, next to the Judiciary, the Parliament as a political representative body should help with its own strengths and institutional tools in the search for the truth”.

“All this must be discussed in the Parliament, with full transparency and democratic dialogue, which is directed towards what the citizens want: to break the vicious cycle of surveillance, this black veil of the violation of privacy, which has covered our country and exposes it internationally”, referring to the widespread interest of the international press in the surveillance case.

“We are wronging ourselves as a country if we tolerate surveillance and eavesdropping. If this is the new normal, sorry, we will not take it,” concluded the PASOK-Change Movement Spokesman.

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