Pastry chef creates delicious desserts in the shape of real objects

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Have you ever been so hungry that you could eat the entire kitchen? If your answer is yes, then you need to check out this New Jersey pastry chef’s creations that are going viral.

From flower pots, shoes, and lighters to chocolate bars, fruit bowls and cuts of meat, Luke Vincentini has taken advantage of the extra time in his quarantine to perfect his kitchen technique and bake the most impressive hyper-realistic cakes we’ve ever seen.

His creations have caused a stir

a cake in the shape of a pot with succulents

Vincentini started baking by himself, without any education or training, by watching videos online. The first time it occurred to him to make a cake in the shape of an object was when he saw a bag of Doritos and had a good idea to recreate it in the form of dessert.

I was working for Carlo’s pastry shop when I started uploading videos of my creations. Baking and decorating can be very monotonous, but I wanted to do something that when people saw it they would be left thinking ‘what the hell is that?’.

The ideas you have are really impressive

Doritos bag cake

The talented pastry chef explains that making one of these works of art takes him around 14 hours, as he is not only about baking, cutting or painting, but he is also very meticulous when it comes to adding details such as text or tones. exact color needed.

This tin cake looks real

tin cake

There are also in the form of fruits and vegetables

mango shaped cake

Banana-shaped cake

broccoli cake

Or from foods like butter, cheese, and eggs

butter stick cake

cheese slice cake

egg wallet cake

Vincentini hopes to continue creating all kinds of hyper-realistic designs to share on his website. In addition, it accepts special orders within the city of Seattle in Washington.

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