“Patrick Dempsey terrorized the cast of Grey’s Anatomy”: the accusation that shocks the fans

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Doctor Strangelove or Doctor Nightmare? It was Lynette Rice who raised the question in her new book How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy, tried to explain the (real) reasons why Patrick Dempsey, 55 years old, he would have decided to leave the series that gave him success. An extract from the book published byHollywood Reporter in fact, he tells how the actor was “terrorizing” the rest of the cast by creating a toxic atmosphere within the set.

The manufacturer of Grey’s Anatomy James D. Parriott, when questioned by Rice, even spoke of a “post-traumatic stress disorder” that would affect several actors. “He knew he had the power to stop production and take the luxury of scaring people” Parriott said. “Patrick, in production from the beginning, immediately became one of the most loved and influential characters, his natural charm made him immediately appreciated by everyone and his impact on the set grew episode after episode. Shonda Rhimes had said right away that he was the perfect man. ‘

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Then things began to change to the point of choosing to make him “die”: “He was the star of Grey’s Anatomy. But the situation had become unlivable, and Shonda had said that if he didn’t go, she would go. ‘ How Dempsey’s presence became so problematic isn’t entirely clear: “I think he just had enough of the series,” Parriott explained. “He didn’t want to come to work every day. The air was really heavy between him and Shonda. And Ellen Pompeo was also often bothered by her colleague’s behaviorRevealed another executive producer, Jeannine Renshaw. “Patrick complained about having to spend too many hours on the set, even though Pompeo often shot almost twice as many scenes in the same episode without batting an eye. But he wasn’t meant to sit and wait. He wanted to go out and drive his sports car or do something fun. He was like the kid in class who can’t wait for the bell to ring for recess ». For the time being, Dempsey and the rest of the cast have chosen not to comment.

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