Pear Launcher

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• Customizable application menu style (vertical; horizontal; list).

• gesture up for app shortcuts

• Integration of Google Feed using the Pear Now Companion plugin. The ability to open it as an overlay.

• Customizable desktop: the ability to choose the style of indicators; set the size of the grid; customize icon shortcuts; lock your desktop; display of shadows; scrolling wallpaper and setting fields.

• Customizable background color in the application menu; selection of sorting mode (in alphabetical order or by installation time); displaying the search bar and frequently used applications; choice of accent color for fast scrolling, direct scrolling, and many other settings.

• Panel favorites: turn on / off the panel; installing your applications in the panel with the ability to change their number; customizable background.

• Ability to hide applications from the menu.

• Support for shortcuts.

• Customize folders: their location on the desktop, preview colors, background colors, folder icons and opening animation.

• Support for Smart folders (swipe to open a folder; press launches the first application). These folders are marked with a special icon. In the settings there is an option, after enabling which, each new folder automatically becomes a smart folder.

• Application icons. Find thousands of third-party icon packs for Pear Launcher in the Play Store.

• Night mode.

• Normalization of the size of the icons.

• Blur effect.

• Search in the favorites bar (above or below the application icons).

• Changes in font style; hiding the notification panel and changing its color; changes to the animation of opening applications; screen orientation.

• Backup and restore (allows you to back up the layout and settings of the launcher).

• Gestures – Swipe up; Swipe down; Double tap; Swipe right on the first page, Swipe left on the last page; Setting an action on the Home button.

To lock the screen, the app needs to provide a device administrator (if Pear Launcher gestures or other actions will be used for this).

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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