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Penile cancer: learn about the simple habits that can prevent the disease

To conclude the month of the Penis Cancer Prevention Campaign, the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Brazilian Society of Urology issued a technical note with guidelines for the prevention and comprehensive care of the disease.

Penile cancer is characterized by a wound that does not heal; discharge with a strong odor; thickening or color change in the skin of the glans (head of the penis) and the presence of nodules in the groin.

The document emphasizes the importance of health professionals guiding the population on:

  • Penis hygiene;
  • Self-examination and awareness;
  • Safe sexual practices with the use of condoms;
  • Encouraging vaccination against HPV for the population aged 9 to 14 years with campaigns that are widely disseminated and accessible;
  • Encouragement of circumcision surgery (removal of the foreskin) when the skin covering the glans does not allow for correct cleaning;
  • Encouraging the maintenance of a healthy and balanced diet, encouraging regular physical exercise;
  • Discouraging the habit of smoking and offering access to smoking cessation measures.

“Penile cancer is a mutilating disease that can be prevented with simple habits. Being aware of any wound that does not heal is essential”, said the president of the Brazilian Society of Urology, Luiz Otávio Torres.

Figures from the Hospital Information System (SIH/SUS) of the Ministry of Health indicate that in the last 10 years the country reached an average of 645 amputated penises per year. The latest data made available by the Ministry of Health shows that from 2012 to November 2022, more than 21 thousand cases of penile cancer were recorded in the country.

According to the Mortality Atlas of the National Cancer Institute (Inca), from 2011 to 2021, 4,592 deaths were recorded due to penile cancer. In 2021 (last year with data available in the system), 478 deaths were recorded. The most affected group is 60 to 69 years of age.

Source: CNN Brasil

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