People who live in shelters or share a house temporarily may request the Minimum Income

The Government has made the requirements to apply for the Minimum Vital Income more flexible so that now, among others, those who are homeless or live in settlements will be able to request it

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The Council of Ministers has approved a decree-law by which the unit of coexistence is made more flexible to request the Minimum Vital Income. As explained by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration Jose Luis Escrivá, now those who reside in mobile homes or who share a flat temporarily may request it.

According to Escrivá, since the service began, some 60,000 petitions have had to be rejected due to non-compliance related to the accreditation of the coexistence unit. In addition, he also pointed out that they believe that there is a large number of requests that are not carried out precisely because of these requirements.

Until now, the measure excluded those people with itinerant or collective residences, those who are homeless and resort to shelters or centers, residents in settlements, temporary workers and even people who had to go temporarily to live with relatives (during a separation, for example).

The decree law now includes these exceptions. It also establishes the concept of an independent coexistence unit for cases of gender violence, divorce or separation and eviction or uninhabitability.

The change will also allow for “entities” -in practice, social services and nongovernmental organizations- that have the capacity to prove exceptional situations such as homeless people, those cases in which several coexist family units without ties or if the real address does not correspond to the one that appears in the registry.

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