Perfect Windows with Start? If Vista came out in 2022, it would look like this

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Windows Vista has been a treasure trove of innovation, both in terms of features and design. However, high system requirements caused it to fail – most users simply did not have computers that could fully work with it. Designer AR 4789 showed the concept of Windows Vista if it came out in 2022 – just in time for Windows 11 with high system requirements.

As planned by the endmaker, Windows Vista 2022 Edition combines elements of the classic system and new trends (Windows 11). For example, the designer depicted a familiar Start button design, but the taskbar items are in the middle. The Start itself opens in the center and is clearly based on the implementation in Windows 11, but the icons with blur and hover effects refer specifically to Vista. The image is complemented by widgets on the desktop.

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In File Explorer, the designer displayed a combination of the visual styles Aero from Vista and Fluent from Windows 11, which turned out to be unusual, as it combines outdated gradients with new island menus and icons.

In 2022, a dark theme is indispensable, and AR 4789 was aware of this. Moreover, he showed options with different color accents.

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It is noteworthy that the designer has retained the very scrolling menu of open windows, which has become almost the main symbol of Windows Vista.

Source: Trash Box

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