PerifaCon is present at CCXP22

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PerifaCon, the first nerd culture convention in the favela, has been conquering space and giving voice to great talents from the outskirts of São Paulo. Your participation in CCXP22 has an exclusive stand.

For the founding partner of PerifaCon and CCXP ambassador, Andreza Delgado, the event was born out of the opportunity to show people that geek culture is consumed and also produced in the favelas.

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“PerifaCon plays a very important role. She brings this discussion that we don’t fit in a single box. We are reading comics and producing comics”, she says.

The initiative had its first edition in 2019, with the aim of taking the geek universe to the outskirts of São Paulo. In its second edition, held in July of this year, it brought together more than 10,000 people and generated over a thousand jobs.

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“When I hear that PerifaCon changed someone’s life, it’s very gratifying. It’s worth talking about those people who didn’t have visibility, who didn’t have a space to produce, exhibit and sell their work, now they do. We made some important partnerships so that artists from the periphery could exhibit at CCXP22 and generate income for them”, he emphasizes.

“Everything I can connect to the periphery, whether in any work we do or a brand that seeks us out, it is my mission to give voice. To be honest, next year I want the PerifaCon stage at CCXP”, she concludes.

Identity and belonging

For many artists who are presenting their work at CCXP22, the moment is one of great pride and appreciation.

“Diversity and representativeness are necessary, especially in an event that has this proportion and scope. I feel very happy to be part of this edition”, says Renato Lima, better known as Well Renato.

The artist, who will participate in the Bentô Stage this Sunday (4), says that representativeness matters, as not everyone sees themselves in places of belonging. “Having people like me, black, fat and lgbt in important places is very representative”, he concludes.

CCXP22 ends this Sunday (4th) at the São Paulo Expo. Tickets for the 3rd batch are still available on site🇧🇷

Source: CNN Brasil

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