Personal trainer intentionally gained 30 kilos in one year and lost them in 6 months

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The decision of a man with many pounds and to make a transformation in his body and to lose excess weight wants three key ingredients: time, patience and perseverance. There will be many ups and downs during the effort. Many distractions will put obstacles in the way of the ultimate goal. But if there is a goal then everything is possible.

So this trip of his customers wanted to experience one personal trainer based in the US so that he can better understand the needs and “wants” of people who work hard to lose a lot of weight. So he deliberately gained 30 kilos only to lose them in a period of six months.

But this is not the first time Drew Manning has put his body to some extreme test. In 2014, he won and then lost 35 kilos in a year to overcome his mentality that his clients who could not lose weight were “lazy”.

This time, 40-year-old Manning was trying to figure out if his age would affect his ability to lose weight after spending six months rejecting exercise and gaining 30 pounds.

Personal adventure to prove if age plays a role in weight loss

The personal trainer said that he understands that his own effort was not as difficult as other overweight people who struggled with their weight for much longer than he did. However, as it turned out, age is not a brake on the weight loss journey.

Speaking to Muscle and Fitness, Manning said: “Age is just a number, and although it may be more difficult for some as they age due to hormones and changes in metabolism, it is still possible.”

After his first weight loss, the trainer wrote a book, Fit2Fat2Fit: “I was convinced that people were using genetic or similar excuses as a crutch.” “I thought you either wanted to be healthy or you didn’t.”

After several failures with clients who found he could not help them achieve their fitness goals, Manning felt he had to take another step.

He left the gym and started eating junk food. He gained 35 kilos in just six months and was shocked by the impact he had on his life.

His wife told him that she stopped helping at home and began to lose confidence very quickly.

Manning said returning to the gym after gaining weight was “humiliating” and he felt overwhelmed by his new level of fitness.

“The key is mental and emotional issues. “I realized that these issues are real,” he said. he said.

Health experts say his decision to gain and lose weight so fast was an incredibly dangerous choice, massively raising his cholesterol and blood pressure.

But Manning says he has no regrets about the decision.

“Instead of seeing their body as something they hate and despise, it’s time to appreciate what we have. Although it is not perfect, you should enjoy any progress,” he said.

“This is a much healthier approach than hating yourself for the rest of your life. That is why the transformation is so much more mental and emotional than people think. “

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