Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian is just a faded memory (in every sense)

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On the weekend the paparazzi took pictures Pete Davidson in Hawaii with his partner Chase Sui Wonders. They were holding hands at Universal Studios Hollywood last week. But the most attentive and curious fans asked themselves something more specific: where did his tattoos go? Why is there a blank space on the shoulder that he had tattooed? Davidson, some have pointed out, no longer has the tattoos he got in honor of his fiancée Kim Kardashian.

Davidson and Kardashian they dated for nine months, from October 2021 to August 2022, while divorcing her from Kanye West was under definition. During this time, the comedian got several tattoos dedicated to her on her crowded skin. There was “My girlfriend is a lawyer.” There were the names Aladdin and Jasmine, like the Disney characters they played al Saturday Night Live in the episode that she hosted. Gone. And finally, there were the initials of all four of his children’s names. Go away, everyone.

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It stands to reason that he has them removed. Surely, for the current girlfriend, having the names of her ex’s children tattooed is not a pleasant thing. But the comedian hadn’t limited himself to tattooing a few symbols or initials. His name was engraved on his chest, letter by letter. “KIM,” it read. If he had removed that too, he probably now has a large scar just below his neck.

Davidson seems unaware that by now the video industry temporary tattoos has made great progress in recent years. Now it’s possible to have the luxury of a tattoo that lasts just a year, and then fades naturally.

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Kim she’s not the only one in the viewfinder: it seems that Davidson is also trying to remove the tattoo on the shoulder dedicated to the ex Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Source: Vanity Fair

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