Factor CEO Peter Brandt suggests that the massive sell-off of Bitcoin by mining companies will lead to a short-term decline in the market value of the flagship cryptocurrency to $48,000.

Peter Brandt stated that the consequences of the halving have significantly impacted the mining industry, forcing many participants to either curtail their activities or actively sell off accumulated assets to pay operating costs.

According to the expert, the surge in sales may not allow Bitcoin to maintain support at $65,000, and the first cryptocurrency could decline to the next psychological level of $60,000. Brandt suggests that if Bitcoin’s market value falls below $60,000, this could lead to a 20% decline. -th correction to $48,000.


We note that the current price phase of BTC is not any extraordinary event and is consistent with the historical price trajectory and halving cycles, which lays the foundation for the asset’s future sustainable bullish growth.

Earlier, Peter Brandt shared his forecast that the new peak of the Bitcoin bull cycle at $130,000-$150,000 could be reached at the end of August 2025.