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“Peter Pan and Wendy”: the live-action with Captain Hook Jude Law will be released in 2022


It will not come out in the cinema like The Lion King, but directly streaming on Disney + like Lady and the Tramp. Let’s talk about Peter Pan e Wendy, the new live-action Walt Disney that will arrive on the platform in 2022, inspired in all respects by the original cartoon of 1953 in turn based on the novel by JM Barrie Peter Pan – The child who did not want to grow up. The film, which has just started shooting in Vancouver, will feature David Lowery (The invisible dragon) and Jude Law as Captain Hook.

The cast will also involve the African American actress Yara shahidi in the role of Tinker Bell; Ever Anderson in Wendy’s e Alexander Molony in that of Peter Pan. Molly Parker will be Mrs. Darling, Alan Tudyk Mr. Darling and newcomers Joshua Pickering, Jacobi Jupe and Alyssa Wapanatâhk will be respectively John, Michael and Tiger Lily. Jim Gaffigan, who will be Sponge, closes the circle. Peter Pan e Wendy, which will be produced by Jim Whitaker, will focus on Wendy’s story, a girl who, defying her parents’ desire to see her in boarding school, will leave with her two brothers for the magical Neverland: there she will meet Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up, a little fairy and a evil pirate.

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“Peter Pan has long been one of my favorite stories, partly because I’ve always been reluctant to grow up, but also because of the excitement, adventure and imagination that make JM Barrie’s original tale so relevant” he said. said director David Lowery. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to redefine his iconic characters for a new generation and I’m even happier to be able to do so with such a sensational cast and crew.”. It goes without saying that expectations, as for all Disney live-action, are very high and that the comparison with the original cartoon will be inevitable.



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