Petrol, 5 apps to find the pumps with the lowest prices

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Based on the processing of Energy Newspaper of the data of March 10 communicated by the managers toLook at fuel prices of the Ministry of Economic Development, the national average price of gasoline in the mode self service is splashed at 2,124 euros / liter, with the different brands between 2.108 and 2.168 euros / liter (no logo, the so-called “white pumps”, at 2.082). The average price of self diesel instead flies to 2,074 euros / liter with companies positioned between 2,042 and 2,121 euros / liter (no logo 2,061). At many petrol stations, however, diesel costs even more than petrol.

As for the servedfor gasoline the average price charged increases to 2,216 euros / liter with colored plants showing average prices between 2.164 and 2.316 euros / liter and no logos on 2.120. The average diesel served rises to 2,172 euros / liter with average prices between 2,158 and 2,241 euros / liter (no logo 2,095). Prices for the LPG they are obviously also growing and going from € 0.867 to € 0.888 / liter (no logo 0.866). Finally, the average price of the methane per car is rising sharply and is positioned between 1.912 and 2.290 (no logo 2,154).

This is the picture of fuel costs that are driving up the full bill for Italians. It is the fruit ofincrease in the price of oil on international marketswhich even in the last few days has slowed down its rise with Brent around 112 dollars a barrel against 131 on 9 March, due to the effect of exchange rate between euro and dollarwhich only in mid-January was traveling at 1.13 but in September it was at 1.17 and today is at 1.09, and the usual combination ofexcise duty on fuel together withVAT. In short, to the burden of taxes on a liter of fuel, which make up the bulk of what we pay.

The first two aspects are obviously and very strongly influenced by the conflict in Ukraine. The third is the only ingredient on which the government could intervene. Although for some time the most diverse services have been financed with excise duties and cutting them is always very complex: every year the State collects about several billion (in 2020 over 13with a decline of 26.4%) from this indirect form of taxation on energy products that I am there fourth item among the state tax revenues after Irpef, VAT and Ires. The excise duty has been at a standstill for years: we pay for every liter of petrol 0.728 euros of taxes and for each liter of diesel € 0.617. Obviously, 22% VAT must be added to excise duties, that is 0.294 per liter for petrol and 0.272 for diesel. In short, of the two abundant euros per liter of unleaded petrol, one is taxes.

Although distributors under two euros are now a rarity, there are applications who can help us find the best prices and distributors that, perhaps, we didn’t even know existed despite being close to the house and located on a usual route. Let’s see what they are.


Source: Vanity Fair

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