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PF arrests man for emergency aid fraud and finds more than R$300,000 hidden

In the city of Bacabal, Maranhão, the Federal Police arrested a man suspected of defrauding emergency aid and found about R$300,000 in plastic bags in his home.

Investigations point out that the money is illicit and undeclared. Prison is preventive and without a fixed time.

The PF also seized false documents and equipment used for counterfeiting, ammunition and birds of wild fauna, kept in the place without authorization.

Measures were also enacted for the seizure of assets, such as real estate, and judicial blocking of the investigated person’s accounts to reimburse the damage to the public coffers.

The investigation pointed out that the amounts of the benefits were withdrawn from the victims’ accounts and destined for the payment of bank slips on behalf of the investigated person.

The name of the operation, “Baluarte”, refers to the residence of the investigated, which attracted attention for being protected by modern surveillance cameras, in a kind of “fortress”.

Emergency Aid was a financial benefit created by the Federal Government during the administration of Jair Bolsonaro to guarantee a minimum income for vulnerable Brazilians during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: CNN Brasil

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