PF dismantles international trafficking organization that transported drugs to SP

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The Federal Police (PF) is executing eighteen search and seizure warrants and eleven preventive arrest warrants this Friday (4), issued by the 1st Federal Court of Guaíra, Paraná. The operation takes place in the cities of Guaíra, Terra Roxa and Xambrê, in Paraná; in São Paulo, the targets are in Barueri, Itupeva and Jundiaí.

The Justice ordered the kidnapping of movable and immovable assets of nineteen investigated, and the blocking of physical and legal accounts, mainly of the leaders, and also the blocking of 45 cars of members of the criminal organization.

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The operation, called Overlord, seeks to dismantle a criminal organization that operated in international drug trafficking, which was transported from the region of Guaíra, in Paraná, and was destined for the city of São Paulo.

According to the PF, the investigation took a year and, in that time, it was able to link three flagrant trafficking acts with the criminal organization, when a ton of cocaine and more than a ton of marijuana were seized.

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The PF discovered that the organization used front-line transport, with orange partners with whom the contracts for the freight of legal material were carried out, but which covered up the transport of the drug, stored in false bottoms in the trucks.

The operation had the participation of the Civil Police of Paraná through the Air Operations Group (GOA). And those involved will answer for drug trafficking, association for trafficking and participation in a criminal organization, with sentences of up to 33 years in prison.

Source: CNN Brasil

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