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PF launches operation against fraud worth R$ 8 million in the INSS

This Thursday morning (23), the Federal Police launched the 2nd phase of Operation Metamorfose to dismantle a criminal organization specialized in committing fraud against the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

In today's action, around 50 federal police officers serve eight preventive arrest warrants, one temporary arrest warrant and nine search and seizure warrants against those under investigation suspected of leading the gang, in Rio de Janeiro, in Nilópolis (RJ) and Mesquita ( RJ).

The investigation began at the beginning of last year, which culminated in the launch of the first phase of the operation, when 19 people were arrested and 18 search and seizure warrants were executed.

According to the PF, members of the criminal group were legally representing “phantom” beneficiaries.

The investigation shows that the gang under investigation caused a loss of approximately R$8 million to Social Security, and the amounts could reach up to R$12.3 million if the frauds were continued.

The scheme

The investigated gang operates by making requests for social security benefits in the name of “fictitious” people, or by reactivating benefits held by people who have already died, but who had high amounts paid by the INSS held in an account.

The PF says that benefits such as death pension and BPC-LOAS (continuous benefit for low-income elderly people) were defrauded. The group was successful in criminal practices due to the work of attorneys who qualified as legal representatives of “ghost” or deceased holders.

Once the benefit was granted, these attorneys opened accounts at bank branches, provided withdrawals and removed the magnetic card for future withdrawals. It was thus verified that in addition to acting as proxies for “fictitious” people, the criminals presented themselves to the INSS as if they were another person, as some members of the gang forged their own identities.

Criminals will be responsible, among other crimes, for the crimes of criminal organization, social security fraud, electronic embezzlement, ideological falsehood, forgery and use of false documents. If added together, the sentences can reach 36 years and 8 months in prison.

The operation is supported by the State Intelligence Center of the Ministry of Social Security.

Source: CNN Brasil

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