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The developer of the meme token set himself on fire to pump up the token rate

The developer of the TruthOrDare (DARE) token under the pseudonym lonemikol was hospitalized with third-degree burns. They doused him with alcohol and then set him on fire with Roman candles.

Note that lonemikol launched a token on the Pump.fun site a few days before the incident. In order to attract the attention of the audience and new funds, the developer staged a “shootout” with Roman candles with friends.

They broadcast what was happening on the social network X (formerly Twitter):

Lonemikol asked to be doused with some flammable liquid. Later it turned out that it was isopropanol.

After this, the developer had to run through a group of friends who at that moment were shooting Roman candles at him. One of the guys can be heard in the background saying they have water in case of a fire.

Almost immediately, the developer's clothing caught fire. The fire was put out, but he was still badly burned. He was admitted to a hospital in Miami.

In the comments Decrypt one viewer noted that up to 35% of the skin or more could be damaged in lonemikol. His burns are likely third degree.

Against the backdrop of what happened, the DARE rate jumped from $0.000056 to $0.002 at its peak. The price then pulled back, but it is still significantly higher than at launch.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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