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Photographer records the passage of the “Devil’s Comet” across the Brazilian sky; look

Since Sunday (21), the comet 12/Pons-Brooks it is even more visible in the sky over Brazil. As it is at its closest point to the Sun, observers on Earth in good weather conditions can have a privileged view of the celestial body that earned the nickname “Devil’s Comet” due to the horn-shaped structure that it appears to have.

Last Saturday (20), the photographer specializing in astronomical images Gabriel Zaparolli managed to record the comet's passage across the sky Torres (RS) .

In the image, a composition made with around 180 photographs, the comet appears over the Guarita hill tourist attraction in the coastal city.

“At the beginning of the night I went to the Furnas hill from the south, which is on Guarita beach in Torres, to create a composition between the two Guarita hills together with the comet 12P/Pons-Brooks in the same image”, says Zaparolli The CNN .

“I set up the tripod and prepared the camera, a Sony A7s2 with a Sony Fe 50mm f/1.8 lens. After everything was prepared, I started recording around 180 images to stack them and obtain results of the comet's tail and better photo clarity”, says the astrophotographer who is also a storm chaser.

“This is how this incredible record of the comet and the Guarita came about. An image that I had been looking for for a long time, practically a dream come true,” she says.

See images of “Devil’s Comet”

Source: CNN Brasil

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