Pia Salatino, the model with a giant nevus: «It all depends on how you tell your story»

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Abdomen, buttocks, groin, thighs. An extensive part of Pia Salatino’s body is covered by a «giant congenital melanocytic nevus», which colors her skin brown. You are wrong who believes that for the twenty-three year old it could be an obstacle, a defect: is a “feature”, as she says, which in no way affects its Mediterranean beauty. So much so that Pia, born in Cassano delle Murge and enrolled in the first year of Dams in Bari, is also a model.

“I’ve never felt left out. I was afraid it might happen, the truth is that over the years it really depends on how you tell others about your body and how you tell your story,” he explained to Corriere. It’s always a matter of point of view. “If you put a positive spin on it, you’ll learn something positive. If I had said that I have a rare disease, that I spent a lot of time in the hospital, that the surgeries were heavy and I was sick, I would have been a victim. Instead, I wanted to talk about the vindictive aspect. I hope I have transmitted freedom ».

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Her determination has inspired and helped many other girls: «It is never easy for us to make peace with our bodies. After telling my story in 2017 for the first time, many girls wrote to me, who had acne and who had other physical “defects”, we understood together that luckily we are different. We do not depend on the physical aspect but on the contents».

On the contrary, the story of Pia Salatino demonstrates that a body with unique characteristics can also be appreciated in sectors where image is king. «It wasn’t my desire to become a model or approach the world of fashion. I was studying acting, I studied for five years in Bari. Fashion was a challenge. I discovered it through an article by a girl who dealt with inclusive fashion and I wondered how it could be for me to have such an experience», she explains. “But I never went looking for it. Through social media she contacted me Carlotta Giancane who is the founder of I’mperfetta project and so it went with Zebedee. I was recruited through Instagram».

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Pia feels “beautiful and above all free», also thanks to his nevus: «I wouldn’t recognize myself without it».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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