Piauí confirms death from “armadillo disease”; understand risks and transmission

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The Health Department of Simões, in Piauí, confirmed one death from paracoccidioidomycosis, popularly known as “armadillo disease”. According to information released by the municipality, two other people are hospitalized with the same diagnosis.

Despite its popular name, the disease is not transmitted by animals, nor from one person to another. In order to be contaminated, it is necessary to have contact with spores (species of dust) that are in soil contaminated by the fungus that causes the disease.

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According to the statement released by the secretary of Simões, “the association with the animal happens because the man, when hunting armadillos, comes into contact with the burrows (holes), where the soil is contaminated by the fungus”.

The most common symptoms caused by the disease are: skin lesions, cough, fever, shortness of breath, lymph node enlargement (tongues), lung involvement and weight loss.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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