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“Piece of Me”: meet Bento Veiga, the actor who brings representation to the series

Beyond the plot “Piece of me “, from Netflix, addresses the story of the character Liana (Juliana Paes), another theme has stood out and involves the character Inácio, played by the actor Bento Veiga . In the production, his role reveals the challenges of living with a Visual impairment .

The actor and singer has a retinal degeneration which gradually causes him to lose his vision. After appearing in the new Netflix production, internet users began to question the actor on social media whether he really had the disability or if he was just acting.

“Loving Inácio’s performance and curious to know if you really have a vision problem,” commented a follower on one of Veiga’s posts on her Instagram.

Upon discovering his condition, part of the public praised the fact that Bento Veiga brought representativeness to the plot. “You will gain a huge audience. Thank you for the representation,” wrote a follower who has a son with low vision.

The artist inherited the genetic condition from his father, Marcelo, who was born with the disease. The progressive loss of vision, however, did not make Bento Veiga lose interest in artistic life.

Meet Bento Veiga

The young multi-instrumentalist was born in Olaria, in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro, and was raised in the western part of the city. Lead singer of the band Bento Veiga e a Velha Raiz, he had his first contact with music on the compilation “Music Of The Millennium” when he was still a child.

At the age of 14, he began studying music by playing the double bass. After exploring other instruments, he found himself composing and has never stopped since.

Bento also improved his singing skills and has been playing the guitar and accordion since 2017. With the group, the singer has already released two singles, “Viúva Negra” and “A Canção do Sonhador” – both available on major digital platforms. The quartet, also formed by André Bassoli, Victor Toledo and Gustavo Bordignon, is preparing the band’s first album.

In the Netflix production, Inácio has a romance with Bia (Amanda Spanner) and is the son of Sílvia (Palomma Duarte), who was abandoned by her husband. However, she meets Vicente, played by João Vitti, who becomes a good stepfather to Inácio.

Source: CNN Brasil

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