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Pregnant, Iza announces the end of her relationship with Yuri Lima: “He cheated on me”

The singer Iza 33, announced, this Wednesday (10), the end of his relationship with Yuri Lima 29. Through a video posted on her Instagram profile, the artist reveals that she was betrayed by the Mirassol football player.

In the video lasting over six minutes, the singer announced the breakup not only to her followers, but also to her ex-boyfriend, who had not known about the celebrity’s decision until then.

“I wanted to ask you to respect my situation. After all, I’m pregnant and I never thought I would go through this. I decided to come here and say that I’m fine, as much as possible. (…) He cheated on me — I can’t believe I’m saying this. He was in contact with someone he had already been involved with. And, for me, that’s already a huge breach of trust!”, said Iza.

The singer also explained that she received screenshots of conversations between the player and his lover. “Yuri himself must be receiving this news by surprise now. He must not… be!”, assured the singer.

“I think that in this situation he thought he was very smart and so was the other person, trying to sell information to some media outlets for R$30,000,” he also revealed, explaining that, because he had a good relationship with the journalists, he received the news before it was published.

After apologizing to the player’s family and stating that she did not want things to happen this way, Iza once again stressed: “We are no longer a couple, without trust there is no relationship. And I am pregnant, I need peace and quiet.”

Remember the relationship between Iza and Yuri Lima

When the singer was about to marry producer Sérgio Santos in 2018, Yuri Lima was already showing interest in the singer. At the time, he sent a message to the artist through social media, but received no response.

It was only at the end of 2022, when Iza announced her divorce, that Yuri saw a new opportunity to get closer to her. “A long time later, I saw a news story that she had separated. So, I thought: ‘I’ll try my luck’. I sent her a message again, and the conversation flowed”, he said in an interview with GQ Esporte Clube.

“I remember everything. The conversation flowed. Within two or three weeks, we spoke every day. She was in São Paulo and I was on vacation in Santos. And then we agreed that I would go up to São Paulo and go to the hotel where she was staying,” he said.

“We agreed to order Japanese food. Boy, I was nervous, you know [risos]. I hadn’t seen her in person yet. Then, when she opened the door… She was very beautiful, wearing a shiny green dress. Surreal. And then, when she knocked, it hit me, I was speechless. [risos]“, Yuri recalled.

Iza and the player have been together since January 2023. At the beginning of April this year, the couple announced that they are expecting their first daughter, who will be called Nala.

Find out the meaning of Nala, the name of Iza and Yuri Lima’s daughter

Source: CNN Brasil

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