Pierce Morgan: I still do not believe what Megan Markle said at the Winfrey Opera

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The English journalist, Pierce Morgan spoke for the first time after his dramatic exit from “Good Morning Britain” when he made controversial comments about the TV interview of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in Winfrey Opera, reports the RES.

Pierce Morgan appeared on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” last Monday and revealed that he still “does not believe what they said and in particular does not believe what Megan Markle said.”

“Seventeen different allegations by the couple have now been shown to be completely untrue or overly exaggerated or unfounded,” he said.

Speaking about the circumstances that led him to step down from his role as co-presenter of “GMB”, Morgan said: “I did not believe the Megan Markle, a huge reaction broke out during the day, I was angry, I was not allowed to think that I did not believe what he said, although it was clear to me in real time while watching the interview, that there were some things that just did not they could be true. “

Describing Megan Markle’s allegations that she married three days before her wedding to Harry in 2018 as nonsense, Morgan said: “If this only happened to the three of them, the archbishop would have been arrested for breaking the law. So there were things like that, which I thought was not true, but it was not allowed to be a position I could take. I was told, “You have to believe Megan Markle and if you do not believe what she says, you are a racist.”

Much of the negative reaction received by the English TV presenter came from his criticism of Megan Markle on the occasion of her claim that she could not get help from the royal staff after experiencing suicidal thoughts while she was pregnant.

“I can’t say if she had suicidal thoughts, she only knows that,” said Pierce Morgan.

“What I perceive as a problem is that he claims he went to two members of the Palace staff – a senior aide and also to the human resources department. “And she told them both that she had suicidal tendencies and that she needed help and that they both rejected the possibility and told her that she could not get help because it would be bad for the royal family brand and I just find it impossible to believe it.” .

Morgan described the couple’s interview with Oprah as “the most incredibly hypocritical slander attack on the royal family, the queen, the monarchy and, frankly, Britain, my country.”

“So, I went on the air Monday morning, and I reciprocated, and I made it clear that I did not believe anything Megan Markle said,” she said.

The 56-year-old presenter left the show during an argument with guest presenter Alex Beresford.

Pierce Morgan added: “And now we are here a month later, and I honestly had a lot of time to think about it and I had enough time to analyze what she said and what Prince Harry said and I still do not believe what they said.”

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