German city mayor violates vaccination order and faces prosecution

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The mayor of Halle is ready to face the consequences of the law Germany, as he and his associates were vaccinated against coronavirus out of order. In particular, Byrd Wiegand is threatened with temporary suspension or even prosecution.

According to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, mayor in the region of Hesse (independent), is accused of having already been vaccinated in January without this being provided for in the relevant priority regulation, which was be vaccinated earlier other members of the Municipal Council and executives of the disaster protection team.

According to the APE-MPE, for himself Vigant had invoked the risk of losing some doses of vaccines, as they were ready for administration, but other citizens had not come to the appointment.

However, the District Prosecutor’s Office seems to have a different opinion and in February ordered a relevant investigation at the municipal offices, as the complaints finally concerned 585 cases of violation of the priority order.

Meanwhile, the Left, the Greens, the Liberals (FDP), the Social Democrats (SPD) have demanded the temporary removal of the mayor from office, while it is estimated that the Christian Democrats (CDU) will also be in favor of their proposal. The decision is expected to be made today by the city council.

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