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Piovani defends his position on the web: “Telling the truth is different from beating”

After weeks of controversy, Luana Piovani, 47, He again defended his position on social media, this Saturday (8), and sent a warning: “If you care, you did some shit, I’ll tell you! To see the real face of the golden rosemary.”

The comment was made based on an old video of her ex-husband, Pedro Scooby, 35 , in which he says that she “hits” him a lot on the internet. Despite the interview being from two years ago, Luana commented. “Telling the truth is very different from ‘hitting’ — a man once hit me. And his ex-wife will always tell the truth. Very different things.”

“My ex-wife hated me, and she has a lot of power on the internet. She started to ‘hit’ me a lot. And nowadays the person who judges you is no longer the judge, the person who judges you is the internet, they go there and start sending messages to your sponsor”, said Scooby on the Podpah podcast.

Luana has been involved in some controversies in recent weeks, most notably the exchange of barbs exchanged with Neymar Jr. after he came out in favor of the PEC das Praias. Other celebrities ended up evolving like Oruam who defended Neymar, and Scooby which was provoked by her to take a stand.

Source: CNN Brasil

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