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Video: Rescued Israeli hostage is symbol of October 7th attacks

One of the four hostages released from Gaza this Saturday (8), Noa Argamani, appeared in one of the most emblematic images of the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas.

The 25-year-old woman, who was kidnapped from the Nova music festival, made headlines around the world after video emerged of her screaming and begging from the seat of a motorbike as she was taken away by Hamas.

In the video, Argamani’s boyfriend, fellow Israeli citizen Avinatan Or, was also taken away on October 7th.

Four months later, in February, Argamani’s father, Yaakov, told Erin Burnett, from CNN, how he felt when he first saw the video of his daughter: “When I saw the video, I fainted. It tore me apart. She is our only daughter.

When you see a video like this, you just get devastated,” he added.

Noa’s mother, Liora Argamani, is a Chinese national who is battling advanced brain cancer. In a video released last November, she made a desperate plea to be able to see her daughter once again.

“I don’t know how much time I have left. I wish I had the chance to see my Noa at home,” said the mother.
Argamani’s family had already received signs that she was still alive. The young woman appeared in a video released by Hamas on January 16 in which she announced the death of two fellow hostages in Hamas captivity. It was unclear at the time whether Argamani was speaking under duress.

Source: CNN Brasil

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