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Piovani says that she is not frivolous and says: “why does what I say have such an impact?”

The actress and presenter Luana Piovani, 47 , stated that he is not a frivolous person and that he usually checks everything he says. Involved in controversy with the football player Neymar Jr., 32 in recent weeks, she asked on her social networks: “Why does what I say have such an impact?”

“I don’t talk nonsense, okay?! Despite what a lot of borderline ignoble people think, I’m not frivolous, people. I’m 47, almost 48 years old. I check everything, I read, I’m intelligent, I ask experts. It’s very rare that I feel embarrassed because I’m saying something that I haven’t checked or I’m not sure about,” she said.

In a sequence of stories, Luana Piovani praised influencers Gabb and Jana Rosa and ended up talking about their positions on social media. “I still need to understand why everything I say has such an impact, is it because I speak the truth and people don’t have the courage?!”, she asked.

Luana became involved in controversy with Neymar in recent weeks, after criticizing the player’s position in favor of PEC das Praias. The two exchanged barbs and ended up involving other celebrities, like Oruam who defended Neymar, and the actress’s ex-husband, Peter Scooby which was provoked by him to take a stand.

On Thursday (6), Luana commented on another controversial case involving a football player, and celebrated a court decision against Eder Militão who filed a lawsuit to try to prevent his ex, the influencer Caroline Lima of saying your name on social media.

Source: CNN Brasil

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