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Sabrina Carpenter’s alleged affair, Barry Keoghan stars in the singer’s new video

On Thursday night (6), Sabrina Carpenter released his newest single “Please Please Please” . The song was accompanied by a music video starring the singer and the actor Barry Keoghan (“Saltburn”), which has been identified as the pop star’s affair.

In the record, Sabrina and Barry play partners in crime recently released from prison. In the song’s lyrics, she sings: “Please, please, please. Don’t make me cry, I just did really good makeup.”

Although they have not yet confirmed their relationship, the pair have been spotted in the same places and exchanged comments on social media. Additionally, Keoghan has been to several Carpenter shows around the world.

“Please Please Please” arrives after the announcement of Sabrina’s new album, titled “Short n’ Sweet”. The album arrives on all platforms on August 26th.

It is worth mentioning that Sabrina Carpenter also recently released “Espresso”, a song that reached number one on the music charts.

Check out the video for “Please Please Please”:

On X (formerly Twitter), Barry’s name became one of the most talked about topics after the release of the clip. Check out some reactions:

Source: CNN Brasil

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