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What was Zinha’s ending in “Renascer”? Found a great love

Zinha (Samantha Jones) was one of the big changes in the remake of “Reborn” since in the first version the character was Zinho , a man played by Cosme dos Santos. At the end of the original novel, the boy fell in love with Lurdinha (Íris Nascimento).

In this way, more than changing the character’s gender, everything indicates that Bruno Luperi, responsible for the adaptation, will also choose an alternative ending for her best friend. João Pedro (Juan Paiva).

In 1993, Zinho spent a large part of the plot helping his family’s José Inocêncio (Antonio Fagundes), only to fall in love with the sales employee at the end. Norbert (Nelson Xavier).

Right at the beginning of the novel, Lurdinha made it clear that she would like to marry Zinho. When they were caught in bed by the merchant, the young woman was authorized to live with her lover.

In the final stretch of the story, the couple also received encouragement from the teacher Lu (Leila Lopes) to dedicate themselves to studying. The commitment was so great that Lurdinha took on the role of educator, after she got married and left Ilhéus.

Source: CNN Brasil

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