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Pix Saque e Troco will have strong adhesion in the coming months, says expert

Pix Saque e Troco is already an alternative to the traditional cash withdrawal at ATMs. In March, the service moved BRL 17 million in establishments that adhered to the tool.

in interview to CNN This Saturday (17), economist Mauro Rochlin said that the platform has great potential for growth in the coming months, but it should reach a limit imposed by the shortage of physical money.

“We are going to see an explosion in the use of the Pix Cash and Exchange service in the coming months. But there is a limit to growth, which ironically is the little use of money, as more and more people use electronic means to make transfers instead of physical money”, highlighted the expert.

“And since the idea of ​​Pix Saque e Troca is the use of physical money, electronic means will begin to impose a limit on the service”, he added.

According to the economist, the digitization of transfer and withdrawal processes can help to make services cheaper.

“The more people use different means of payment, ways of accessing resources, this will enable greater competition, which can lead to a reduction in tariffs”, he explained.

Text published by Fabricio Julião, from CNN Brasil Business

Source: CNN Brasil

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