Plane that crashed with Marília Mendonça will be taken to RJ for a new survey

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The company responsible for removing the twin-engine plane that crashed with singer Marília Mendonça and four other people in Caratinga, Minas Gerais, informed the CNN that the aircraft will be sent to a warehouse at Galeão airport, in Rio de Janeiro.

The transfer of the twin engine will take place after all parts have been removed and should take place between today and tomorrow. The aircraft did not have a black box, but a geolocator was found that will be used to compare the flight plan. The device is one of the pieces of evidence to understand the causes of the accident.

On the morning of Monday (8), the company Fervel Auto Socorro, hired by PEC Táxi Aéreo, responsible for the crashed aircraft, continued with the work of removing the aircraft’s engines at the accident site.

The parts are being transported by truck to the company’s warehouse, which is located in the center of Caratinga, about 2.5 km from the accident site, and should also be transported to Rio by truck.

The removal works are being carried out in conjunction with the local Fire Department and are being assisted and supervised by investigators from the Third Regional Service for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Seripa III).

As informed by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the Seripa III continues with the initial action work in Caratinga, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and monitoring the work of removing the twin-engine plane.

The twin-engine plane carrying the singer Marília Mendonça and four other people left
from Santa Genoveva airport, in Goiânia, at 1:05 pm (Brasilia time) last Saturday (5).

About two hours later, he hit a cable from a Cemig distribution tower in the city of Piedade de Caratinga, in Minas Gerais. Shortly after the collision, the plane fell, meters later, in a stream in the region. All crew members died.

The causes of the accident are still being investigated. So far, what is known is that the aircraft flew below what was considered ideal when it crashed into the cables of the power tower. According to specialists, knowing the reasons for the low altitude of the plane is the main factor to be unveiled in this investigation.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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