Mondelēz International is committed to Zero Emissions by 2050

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Mondelēz International has announced its commitment to achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in the full value chain. Part of this commitment is the company’s inclusion in the Science Based Targets Initiative’s Business Ambition for 1.5 ° C, which aligns long-term emission reduction targets with the ambitious goal of reducing the rate of temperature increase under the Paris Agreement. Mondelēz International also became a member of the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign aimed at a carbon-free economy.

These commitments are a milestone in Mondelēz International’s diversified approach to sustainability, which contributes to continuous progress and long-term value for the organization and its stakeholders.

“In recent years, we have partnered with the Science Based Targets initiative to reduce the impact of our broadcasts, and our announcement today will help accelerate our efforts to become a more sustainable snack company,” said Dirk Van de Put. , President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are changing the way we operate in all our activities in collaboration with our suppliers and producers – from improving cocoa production practices in West Africa to promoting regenerative agriculture in wheat fields in the Midwestern United States.”

The new commitment builds on the company’s previous goals announced in 2020 and developed to tackle climate change. For the next two years, the company will draw up a time-bound plan, which will include intermediate targets for its core emission sources under the 1.5 ° C protocol and provide annual transparency assessments, as defined by the initiative. Science Based Target.

The overall approach to the zero emissions target

Mondelēz International’s approach to ESG is designed to enable the company to deliver ongoing scale changes, prioritizing the greatest impact by focusing on innovative and measurable solutions and partnerships that will lead to a broader transformation. It will pursue an integrated approach to its goal of achieving zero emissions, focusing efforts on key areas and responding to pre-existing commitments such as:

Sustainably Produced Ingredients and Packaging:

– Supply of 100% of the cocoa volume for the chocolates with the Cocoa Life Program until 2025

– Supply of 100% of the grain volume for cookies in the EU according to the Harmony Program until 2022

– 100% of the packaging will be designed as recyclable by 2025

– Reduction of the use of pure plastic by 5% and reduction of the use of rigid plastic by 25% by 2025

Activities of Mondelēz International:

– Continue to transform the global industrial footprint of electricity into renewable energy sources

– Reduction of food waste by 15% in production and 50% in distribution by 2025

– Efforts to achieve energy efficiency for cookie ovens and steam boilers

– Start replacing thermal fuels (eg natural gas, diesel, gasoline) with “green”


– Investing in new mobility ideas, including electric trucks and hydrogen trucks

– Reduction of storage emissions in both privately owned and third-party installations by conversion to renewable energy sources

– Improving the efficiency of distribution networks, optimizing the routes and use of trucks and containers, enhancing intermodal solutions and reducing travel

Building on existing Commitments and Actions

“While we have already made significant progress, moving towards the zero emissions target requires further transformation of our business as well as global cooperation, in industries, sectors and geographies,” said Chris McGrath, Vice President & CEO Global Impact & Sustainability. “We will remain focused on leveraging proven models and available solutions, while at the same time using our size and influence to help promote technical progress, public-private partnerships and investment in innovation.”

To date, the company ‘s continuous efforts to become a change carrier have resulted in progress in the supply of components in a sustainable way, saving energy, resources and reducing waste in its production facilities, achievements that will capitalize and accelerate the goal of zero emissions. Last year, the company achieved and exceeded several of the 2020 and 2025 targets such as:

Procurement of Ingredients in a Sustainable Way Objectives 2025:

– 68% of the volume of cocoa for chocolate chips comes from the Cocoa Life Program

– 99% of palm oil comes from suppliers in line with the “Palm Oil 2020 Action Plan”

Environmental Impact Achievements 2020:

– 24% reduction of CO2e from processing, exceeding the target of 15%

– 33% reduction in priority water use, exceeding the target of 10%

– 31% reduction of total processing waste, exceeding the target of 20%

For more information on Mondelēz International’s sustainability strategy, goals and progress, visit the 2020 Snacking Made Right Report.


Source From: Capital

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