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Playboy model raised 8 million in two weeks from Onlyfans and wants to buy football team

Playboy model raised 8 million in two weeks from Onlyfans and wants to buy football team

A Playboy model said she has collected 8 million dollars from her page at OnlyFans and now he wants to spend the money to buy the local professional football team. Daniella Chavez, 35, hopes to buy O’Higgins FC, which plays in Chile’s top league, when she raises the necessary funds.

The beauty claimed that in just two weeks, she succeeded and collected $8 million from her OnlyFans account. The football club is now owned by Chilean businessman Ricardo Abumohor.

Such as reports the Daily Mailthe model he admitted that the only reason he created the account OnlyFans it was to raise enough money to buy O’Higgins, as he is a die-hard fan of the football team. Chavez told her ADN radio station Chile: “I believe that with my management team we can make things better, return to Rancagua with a winning team, with ambitions. I want a team that will not only play but also return with victories. A team that will fight”.

It is worth noting that Chavez has accused the current owner of the football team she wants to buy for sexism.

“I have gathered 8 million dollars (£6.5m)… today I see on the news that O’Higgins management don’t want to sell it to me,” he tweeted last week Launching a direct attack on Ricardo Abumohor, who he says “put it up for sale and now that i want to buy it they tell me no! I thought this man was more serious and I’m sure I can do a lot more for the club than him… I’m from the District, I’m a fan and he’s not!. Apparently Abumohor wants to sell the club to someone who don’t be a woman».

The club’s board was forced to issue a statement that said: “Reading articles in digital media that reported – with circumspect imgs – that the Abumohor family is ruling out the sale of association to a specific individual, we wish to clarify that this information is incorrect and does not represent the values ​​of the Abumohor family. “Although the club has previously stated that it is open to the integration of new players or investors to promote the development of the team, these proposals must be presented officially to the leadership that leads the club,” the announcement reads.

According to the Association of the team of the team, offers for takeover manifested through social networks, are not taken seriously. “We are a serious institution that is publicly recognized for its values”, while rejecting the position that they are opposed to the acquisition of the team by someone “on the basis of their origin, race or social status”.

His model Playboy, he said he accepts the Club’s statement and is now focused on raising enough money to buy the team and also have a meeting with the board. Chavez has 1.7 million followers on Twitter and a subscription to the OnlyFans account costs 17 pounds a month.

He told Chile’s ADN radio station: “I found out that O’Higgins is for sale and I started raising money. I have to collect the almost 20 million dollars. That’s why I created this account, with more sexy content, so my fans can help me raise the money.”

However, it is not the first time model shows interest in acquiring a football team. In 2020, the blonde model invested in the Chilean lower division club Rancagua Sur Sports Club.

Source: News Beast



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