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Poland: A cat was rescued after being trapped in a pipeline for ten days

Curiosity almost kills the cat in her town of Rezov Poland, after a cat spent at least ten days being trapped inside a tube, before being rescued.

Local authorities were informed that one cat He appears to have been trapped inside a city heating network on October 24, the state-run PAP news agency reported, and was rescued on Tuesday, thanks to the efforts of firefighters and employees of heating and water companies.

Arthur Gernad from the city mayor’s office told the PAP that the cat was trapped between the heating pipe and the protective installation that surrounded him.

“On Tuesday the rescuers managed to bend the guards, enlarging the space and thanks to that the cat was able to get out”, the official explained.

After his rescue, The cat, named Rurek (Polish for pipe), was taken to a charity called the Fundacja Felineus.

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