Poland becomes the first country to send fighter jets to Ukraine

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THE Poland, contrary to the denial of Western powers, announced that it will become the first country to deliver four MiG-29 fighter-bomber aircraft to Ukraine. As announced, the fighter jets will be delivered within the next few days.

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It is the first time that planes will be sent to Kyiv from the beginning of the invasion of Russiaand even from a NATO member country – as until now its allies Ukrainian rejected this possibility for a number of reasons.

Poland, following its announcement, expressed the hope that other countries would follow her example. Regarding the MIGs, the Polish president emphasized that these are aircraft that have been “inherited” from East Germany after the fall of the wall, noting that “Ukrainian pilots can still use them today without needing additional training.”

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He also mentioned that more fighters of this type will be sent. In total, Poland has 28 MiG-29 aircraft which are to be replaced in the coming years by South Korean FA-50s and US F-35s. THE Slovakiathe Finland and the Netherlands they have also stated that they will consider supplying Ukraine with similar types of fighter jets.

It is noted that Ukraine has repeatedly asked its Western allies to provide it with modern aircraft, but so far it has not received a response. At the start of the war, Ukraine had about 120 combat-capable aircraft, mostly aging Mig-29s and Su-27s.

TKiev hopes that Poland’s decision could pave the way. Besides, as he pointed out, “MiGs will enhance our capabilities, but they won’t solve the problems. We need F-16s.” “We need them (our allies) to strengthen our air defense systems and help our military in the spring counteroffensive,” a Ukrainian lawmaker told the BBC, adding that “Poland’s move is a good sign for everyone, it shows that sending fighters to Ukraine is not something impossible or surreal, it is something that can happen. All that is needed is political will.”

However, the first messages from the other side of the Atlantic are negative. Washington explained that Poland’s move does not change anything in the attitude of the US, which has so far refused to offer fighter jets. John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, even recalled that US President Joe Biden has publicly disagreed with the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine. The attitude of the United Kingdom is similar.

Senior European Official, commenting on the developments in the Guardian, he underlined how the type of military support that could be provided to Ukraine depends on the development and duration of the war. “The experience of the last 12 months shows us that what is initially considered impossible, too dangerous or useless in terms of Ukraine’s needs, turns out to be absolutely necessary and urgent a few months later,” he added.

THE Oleksiy ReznikovUkraine’s defense minister, sent his own message to the West: U success of the Ukrainian counterattack will depend on neutralizing Russia’s air superiority. “The supply of fighter jets would accelerate the liberation of Ukrainian territories. The sooner we get fighter jets, the more human lives will be saved,” he stressed.

Source: News Beast

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