Poland, politician KaczyÅ„ski: “Women no longer have children because they drink too much”

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Why are women no longer having children? Simple: because they drink too much alcohol. This is the bizarre theory of Polish leader of the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party, JarosÅ‚aw KaczyÅ„ski, according to which the excessive consumption of alcohol by young women is the cause of the low birth rate of the European Union country. “Until the age of 25, young women drink as much as men their age, and then they will have no children, ”he said. “A man, to become an alcoholic, has to drink excessively on average for 20 years … while a woman only needs two.”

KaczyÅ„ski has no children, and said his information comes from a doctor who “has managed to treat a third of his male alcoholic patients but no women.” Furthermore, according to KaczyÅ„ski, it is better for women not to have children at a young age because “They must mature”. “But if they drink the bottle up to 25 years – here I’m joking a bit – then this does not bode well” (for the birth rate, ed).

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Obviously, opposition politicians, activists and women alike described the 73-year-old as “out of this world” and “patriarchal”, dismissing his controversial comments as “nonsense”. Leftist politics Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus called the comments “junk”, and Kaczynski “an old patriarchal idiot»:« Of course we could laugh about it and make memes out of it, but it is a serious and tragic matterHe told reporters.

The wife of Polish football star Robert Lewandowski, Anna, also commented on Instagram: «Enough. It makes me angry to see politicians who they accuse women unfairly instead of acknowledging the real problem“.

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The current birth rate in Poland is just over 1.3 children per womanless than the EU average: according to experts, Polish women are reluctant to have children for financial reasons and for fear of the restrictions on abortion introduced by the PiS.

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