Bros, the first gay rom-com and Vittoria Schisano: “We respect love, in any form”

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Bobby Lieber, aka Billy Eichner, and AAron Shepard, aka Luke Macfarlane, have a big responsibility: they are the protagonists of the first romantic comedy about a couple made up of two men produced and distributed by a major (Universal). It’s the movie Brossigned by authors Nicholas Stoller and Billy Eichner, presented in the section Grand Public of the Rome Film Fest 2022, now present in Italian cinemas. Theirs is a love story that is born as it can happen to many others, one evening, in a club, and then collides with the characteristics of the daily life of each of the protagonists.


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Bobby is a radio host who takes pride in being single, who recently became curator for the National LGBTQ + History Museum in Manhattan, is convinced of his ideas: “Do you know what progressive is today? Being alone, I love my life, I love my freedom, I love my independence “. Aaron, on the other hand, is a lawyer, more shy and less integrated into the LGBTQ + community. In the world around them various characters move, including Tamara, to whom the actress Vittoria Schisano gave the voice. «I have a life path that we know and therefore seeing love told in such a simple way, true and I would say so “normal”, perhaps even banal, was really nice“.

The language of Bros it is direct and brilliant, it takes off from the clichés and sequins with which the Lgbtq + community is usually told. “It is a film that in a completely modern key speaks of love, I had never seen a major film that you see and fall in love with, where the protagonists are finally two menthe. And where, however, the language is the same used in all love stories. So remember that regardless of skin color or sexual orientation, love is love. I left the first screening with this certainty, which obviously I already had but seeing it depicted was exciting ».

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It is the love of our time, that of everyone and everyone. «Tamara is a choral character within the story, she is a character in which at times I have even recognized myself a little. The scene that perhaps most impressed me is when the protagonist steals the ring from Tamara to give it to her boyfriend and ask him to marry him. I think that Bros both a film that truly celebrates love and family in all its forms ». Not at all obvious today. “Especially in such a delicate social and political moment where politics is not up to par and where the school does not have the tools to help children, then cinema has a fundamental importance, it becomes instructive, it has a responsibility: to tell that diversity, if it really exists, is never a limit but a precious richness. In a film we can, through fiction, understand the truth of our neighbor, our desk mate, our neighbor or sometimes our children ».

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