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Polar front drops temperatures and southern region may have minimums of up to -6ºC

The week will end with Frost frost and the possibility of snow in southern Brazil, according to Climatempo. This is because a cold front is forming in this fourthThis Friday (17) will drop temperatures in some regions of the country, such as the South, Southeast and Midwest.

According to Climatempo meteorologists, the cold front is moving away on Thursday, however, the humidity still persists, and with the entry of the cold winds of an intense polar air mass the trend is for a very sharp drop in temperature.

“It can cause snow or some other type of winter precipitation in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. The chance exists between Thursday night and Friday morning (19),” he said.

The forecast is for a drop of up to 10º C in temperature in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina this year. fourth (17).

With the cold, there will also be heavy rains and strong winds, with the possibility of hail in part of the southern region, especially in the west, in Mato Grosso do Sul and in areas of São Paulo (center, south and west).

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the expectation is that the cold front will advance through Paraná, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, reaching Mato Grosso, Goiás and Rondônia and Minas Gerais in the Thursday (18)causing heavy rains and strong winds.

Temperature drops are expected to range between 8°C and 12°C, with low wind chill, the institute said.

Low temperatures must persist at least until Saturday (20), when it should be between 1 °C and 5 °C in Porto Alegre, reaching -6 °C in the southern plateau of Santa Catarina.

In Paraná, the minimum temperatures expected are between -3 °C and 0 °C in the mountains and plateaus, according to Inmet.

snow forecast

There is a forecast of snow in the fridayFriday (19) between the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, as in Aparados da Serra (RS).

At the Saturday (20), frosts are expected “in the south, southwest and in isolated areas of central Mato Grosso do Sul, on the border between São Paulo and Paraná and, broadly, in the south of Brazil, with moderate to strong intensity between the north of Rio Grande do Sul, central-south of Paraná and also in the southeastern mountain range of RS”, warned Inmet.

The cold should reach the south of Goiás and Minas Gerais, and as far as Rio of Januarylosing strength from Sunday (21).

*With information from Agência Brasil

Source: CNN Brasil

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