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Italy: Fire on the small island of Pantelleria – Giorgio Armani had to leave his villa

Fire broke out late yesterday afternoon (17/8) on the small island of Pantelleria (south of Sicily), as a result of which an order was given for the urgent removal of residents from their homes and tourists from hotels.

According to the first information, there are multiple imgs, which gives rise to suspicions that the fire was the result of arson.

Many homes were ordered to evacuate as the fire fronts approached dangerously close. Among other things, they were removed from villas the celebrities like the fashion designer Giorgio Armani and the former football player Marco Tardelli.

The designer was hosting some friends when he was called to rush out of his house, in an SUV, to reach the shore and board his boat.

Those who were with him said: “The fire reached the house. Everyone evacuates, but there is such a crowd that people cannot enter Gadir. Many are facing difficulties, especially the elderly.”

And about designer Giorgio Armani’s escape, he said: “I personally helped him escape, luckily he’s fine. When I saw the flames approaching, I told him we had to leave the house. Armani is now safe on his boat, where he also hosts Marco Tardelli and his partner Myrta Merlino.

The latter, in fact, wrote on her personal Twitter account: “After a hot summer full of fires, tonight my beloved Pantelleria is also burning. An arson here that even Canadair can’t reach because of the wind. Those who distort our heritage must pay dearly.”

Just two days ago, the presenter of L’aria che tira on the La7 channel had published the latest series of photos from the “Paradise on Earth” in the heart of the Mediterranean, halfway between Italy and Tunisia.

The Italian Civil Protection decided to send media and qualified personnel to Pantelleria from Mazara Del Valo (Sicily).

A while ago, however, the mayor of the island, Vincenzo Campo, assured that “the situation is almost under control”.

Source: News Beast

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