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Polarization favors Mitsotakis and Tsipras- Pre-election political scene despite the ‘burning’ of the premature

By Niki Zorba

They accuse each other of extreme toxicity and division of the Citizens, at a time when, in theory, the election sirens for polls in the Fall, have fallen silent. Who benefits from the extreme polarization that has been created and refuses to stop?

Both the big players: New Democracy and SYRIZA exorcise polarization and toxicity, one party abandons the other for its production, for the “downhill” of political life, they diligently try to leave one party to the other the “smudge” of rhetoric extremes but at the end of the day, they both feed off, showing great rallying of their base and strengthening of their rates.

Obviously at the expense of the minor opposition – and PASOK, which, despite its aim to position itself as the cool third centrist player, is compressed according to opinion polls, showing a drop in its percentages, while the other two see an increase.

She is the revealing picture from the poll of Pulse that was presented yesterday to SKAI, which was actually carried out after the prime minister’s multiple assurances that he does not intend to run for elections in the Autumn, instead he will exhaust the four-year term as he had stated from the beginning as his intention.

The N.D is expanding its dominance – SYRIZA is steadily being pinched

The ruling party has initially managed to curb the decline in its percentages, which a few months ago was small but unabated. After the “handbrake” on attrition, it is now gradually increasing its percentages, 34% it received for the month of July, gaining 0.5% compared to the previous one in June, maintaining its difference of 8 points from SYRIZA.

A difference in reality extremely difficult to reverse, if the Prime Minister decided to call an election in the Autumn. But beyond that, the continuous strengthening of the rates to the extent that it will continue, allows the governing faction to have reasonable hopes that a government partner or third ballots will not be neededafter the inevitable second after self-reliance with simple analog, is a deep night dream.

THE Kyriakos Mitsotakis also appears in this poll to dominate the centrist space (28%), the one who traditionally elects governments. The outflows to PASOK of the previous months have been collected to a very large extent, which means that the cannula of voters to Harilaou Trikoupis has been closed.

It is stable – although lacking in percentages – it is the rise of SYRIZA who appears at 26%, up one point from the corresponding poll in June. Alexis Tsipras remains behind the prime minister in all critical questions (who can manage the economy, nationally, etc.) but also in suitability, obviously, but he firmly puts his foot in the center of power against his neighboring party, and Nikos Androulakis.

The polarization of the “big” compresses the percentages of PASOK as expected: Harilaou Trikoupi falls to 13%, losing one unit (at the moment when the big players are strengthening), from the corresponding June poll.

In conclusion: The silencing of the election alarm not only does not convince citizens and parties, but on the contrary – no matter how much Mr. Mitsotakis assures to the contrary – it remains high as a possible development for the autumn, as can be seen from the large N.D gatherings (70%) and SYRIZA (69%).

The notorious “toxicity” and extreme polarization largely explain their high gatherings and the rise in their rates. Piso the “spells” of both and the declarations that neither will follow the other down the slope of “division”.

Source: Capital

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