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Police close clandestine recovery clinic that kept inmates trapped in cells

The Civil Police of Goiás closed, last Wednesday (15), an illegal therapeutic community, in the municipality of Goianápolis. The place held 49 inmates in private prison situation, three people were arrested.

According to Police Chief Rodrigo Arana, responsible for the investigations, drug addicts were compulsorily removed from the streets or from the homes of family members, and were involuntarily hospitalized, which characterizes the crime of kidnapping.

The space where the community operated was divided into wings. According to Arana, one of the wards, where the newcomers stayed, had bars on the windows to prevent escapes, and the inmates were prevented from leaving the room most of the time.

Investigations began after officials from the municipality’s Health Department went to the site to carry out an inspection and found a lack of health permits and various irregularities, including the use of drugs that had expired for more than a year, or were prohibited.

According to the delegate, the owner of the establishment was charged in flagrante delicto for illegal exercise of the profession, false imprisonment and adulteration or corruption of medicinal products. The other two prisoners who would be his helpers were booked for kidnapping and false imprisonment.

The prisoners were taken to the Goianápolis Prison Unit, where they are awaiting trial.

Source: CNN Brasil

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