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Police extend investigation into Mother Bernadette’s death

The Civil Police of Bahia reported, this Monday (18), that it will extend the investigation into the murder of Mãe Bernadete.

The quilombola leader and ialorixá was shot to death on August 17, at the age of 72. Mother Bernadete was killed inside Quilombo Pitanga dos Palmares, in the city of Simões Filho.

With the request, the survey must only be delivered in October.

Currently, the Bahia Civil Police continues to search for one of the suspects involved in the death. On September 4, the Public Security Secretariat reported that it had arrested three suspects.

The motivation for the crime, however, has not yet been reported. The organization has not disclosed any line of investigation into the death and, according to the secretary, one of the suspects even claimed a motive during testimony. “It’s premature to talk about motivation,” said secretary Marcelo Werner at the time.

After the death of the ialorixá, the Federal Policy of Bahia opened an investigation to investigate the murder. Furthermore, the PF is also investigating the death of Binho do Quilombo, Bernadete’s son, who was also shot dead, but six years ago.

Furthermore, information collected by CNN reported that, of the seven cameras that existed in the quilombo, only four were working at the time of the crime.

*With information from Ana Coelho, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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