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Police sniffer dog finds drug cache in central SP

With the help of Thor, a sniffer dog from the Police Special Actions Battalion (Baep), who indicated the exact location of the drugs’ hiding place, the São Paulo Military Police (PM-SP) found a pit of approximately two meters, which was used by drug traffickers to hide narcotics in the Canindé neighborhood, in the central region of São Paulo, on Wednesday (5).

“The police officers were carrying out patrols during Operation Impacto, to combat drug trafficking and other crimes, when the dog showed a change in behavior, indicating the existence of narcotics in the area,” said the state government.

According to investigations, the teams began searching and found the pit. Inside the place, 407 portions of marijuana, 678 pins of cocaine and 526 rocks of crack were hidden, in addition to R$286 in cash. “All material was seized”, confirmed the state government.

The case was registered as the location and seizure of an object at the 8th Police Station (Brás).

Source: CNN Brasil

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