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Politico is recreating yesterday’s article about Greece

Today, Politico went ahead with a reconstruction of yesterday’s publication regarding the letter of the Permanent Representative of Greece to the European Union to the European Commission on the issue of connections, at the same time trying, with a very careful wording, to protect its credibility.

In today’s edition of the “Brussels Playbook” column, Politico essentially admits that yesterday’s text contained a series of inaccuracies, as noted by government sources.

According to the analysis of the same sources, the international media acknowledges today, among other things, that it had wrongly characterized the connection to the mobile phone of Nikos Androulakis as “illegal”, at the moment when it has been clarified that it was done in full compliance with the current legislation and after the prescribed prosecutorial control.

Politico also clarifies that Athens has clarified that it has nothing to do with the Predator spy system, although in yesterday’s edition of the “Brussels Playbook” it had caused confusion by referring to a “scandal involving the Predator malware, which surrounds government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis” (scandal involving Predator malware that engulfed the government of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis).

Towards the end of today’s publication, Politico gives the impression that it is trying to defend yesterday’s text regarding Ambassador G. Braila’s letter to the Commission, stating that the government’s release of the entire letter “confirms Wednesday’s report”. .

However, in the same paragraph the editors are essentially forced to rescind the conclusion that Politico pushed yesterday: that the purpose of the Braila letter was to “speak loudly and clearly” to the Commission to “stay out” of the national investigations ( Athens’ message is loud and clear: butt out).

Specifically, today Politico admits that the Greek government states “at the Commission’s disposal for verification and fact-finding”, exactly as Permanent Representative Brailas notes in the August 2nd letter, although yesterday Politico refrained from referring to this specific part of the letter , which conflicted with his conclusion about Athens’ alleged blockade of Brussels.

In other words, today’s text, despite the claim of “confirmation”, completely contradicts the substance of yesterday’s post.

“In his reply, the Permanent Representative of Greece informed about the legal framework in force in our country and the ongoing Predator investigation. The Greek Representative underlined that he is always at the disposal of the Community Services to inform in person (as, after all, he had done before the letter) on any issue, especially when it is ongoing, before starting a process of exchanging letters”, Government Spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou said in a statement yesterday.

It is noted that the controversial correspondence of Ambassador Brailas with the Department of Justice and Internal Affairs of the EU took place at an administrative, i.e. at a relatively low level, and concerned information on the legislation regarding the processing of personal data for reasons of national security. According to information, similar letters were sent in the same period to other member countries.

Source: Capital

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